The Day-after-Thanksgiving/Contest Update Post!

Happy The-Day-After-Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a jaw-dropping Thanksgiving and plans on a senses-shattering long weekend!

The deadline for my Legacy of the Silver Scorpion free e-book giveaway contest has come and gone and we had one winner!

The very talented author of the excellent original super hero novel, Devil’s Cape, Rob Rogers, won a free .pdf copy of my novel with the following entry talking about his favorite Pulp Hero:

“I think I’d have to go with Doc Savage. I like the bright, pulpy goodness of his stories. I wish he were perhaps a little less perfect sometimes (if we were including more modern versions of pulp characters, I might have to go with Indiana Jones), but the variety of Doc Savage’s adventures, his crew, etc.–they all draw me in.”

Thanks for the entry Rob! I have to agree that  the Doc Savage character is seminal for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the creators of Superman used many of Doc’s traits a few years later when rounding out the personality and world of the first true comic book superhero. Doc Savage’s first name was Clark as was Superman’s alter ego, although both characters were supposedly named after Clark Gable. Doc had a fortress of solitude before Kal-El did. Doc was The Man of Bronze and Superman, The Man of Steel. There are more similarities but you get the idea.

Now, for anyone reading this who maybe wanted a free ebook but didn’t enter because a) they were too busy with pre-Thanksgiving work, shopping, etc. and/or b) my contest rules were overly complicated and assumed I was going to post your entry whether you liked it or not,

I am going to extend the contest deadline through next weekend (December 6th) and update the rules a bit.

New Rules:

All you have to do to enter is either reply to this post or email me ( with the name of your favorite fictional hero or heroine. It doesn’t have to be from the pulp magazine era, any hero or heroine from modern fiction (that includes books, comic books, movies, video games, etc.) will do. On Sunday, December 6th, I’ll pick the top two entrants and email a copy of The Legacy of the Silver Scorpion to their email addresses. I will also announce the winners’ names on my blog on Sunday, the 6th, but only if you want me to, so let me know in your email or reply.


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